Parc de l'Ile Melville
C.P. 03, Ile Melville (Québec)
Canada G9N 6T8


(819) 536-7155

Free: 1-866-536-7155


Come try the d'Arbre en Arbre Shawinigan adventure!

Escape into the treetops of towering pines at Melville Island Park on the Saint-Maurice River, just 1km from downtown across from the Cité de l'Énergie. Challenge your limits in a safe and fun way with 109 obstacles that get progressively more intense. Thrills guaranteed!

Three courses are for children, four are for juniors/adults and a zip lines courses will satisfy everybody between 2 and 85 years old!

The Squirrels Course for children allows them to play in the trees just like grown-ups but at a level that's not too scary! 13 new games of varying degrees of daring are guaranteed to raise goosebumps on your little squirrels. Despite the scaled down course, children wear safety harnesses just like adults.

From 7-8 years old, kids are allowed to access to two Little Adventurers courses.

Four courses for the juniors and adults provide exercices with perilous games and permit to reach heights.

A course composed only of zip lines for you thrill! YAHOOO!


D'Arbre en Arbre Shawinigan, YOUR ADVENTURE DESTINATION!

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