How can I get more information?
By calling the parks directly.

Can we come if it's raining?
The activity is held even in the rain.
During heavy rains, storms or thundershowers, the park may decide to close the circuits. Please make sure to check out the site's weather conditions.

What happens if the weather turns bad during the course?
The guides may decide to suspend the activity. An evacuation procedure is implemented. If the weather gets better, the activity can resume. If not, the park will close.

Can I be reimbursed if the activity is interrupted because of bad weather?
Depending on the number of circuits completed, part or all of the cost can be reimbursed or a free entrance will be proposed. Each site has its own price and reimbursement policy. Please contact the site directly for more information.

What should I wear?
We suggest wearing closed and tied shoes and comfortable clothing (avoid clothing that doesn't cover the waist). Avoid wearing jewellery and sunglasses. Long hair must be tied.

What should I bring?
We suggest you bring whatever is necessary for outdoor activities (sunscreen, raincoat, etc.); an ID for the equipment loaned.

How long does the activity last?
You should plan about 1 h 30 min for the Young Adventurers course and 2 h 30 min to 3 h for the junior/adult course.

Is this activity reserved for the physically fit?
No, each person moves along the circuit at his/her own pace. The courses become increasingly higher and more difficult. A participant can decide to stop at any time at the end of a leg.

Do the guides accompany us on the circuits?
No, the guides give you instructions and a short training course at the beginning of the activity. They make sure that you grasped all of the guidelines by having you complete a practice course. You are then free to travel the course on your own, at your own speed. The guides will remain present and vigilant throughout the course from the ground.

Can the children complete the course alone?
No, the children doing the Young Adventurers course must be accompanied by an adult on the ground. On the junior/adult courses, the juniors aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult participating in the activity.

Can the children complete the course more than once?
Generally speaking, the children are allowed to complete the course (Young Adventurers and Young Squirrels) twice.
Please contact the site directly for more information.

What happens if I can't complete a leg?
A guide will come to give you instructions on how to complete the leg. If you cannot continue, the guide will suggest helping you reach a ladder so that you can come down. We suggest that you respect your limits.


Do I need to reserve?
Reservations are strongly advised especially during very busy periods to avoid having to wait too long or being refused. They are compulsory on certain D`Arbre en Arbre sites. Please contact the site concerned for more information.

How do I reserve?
By contacting the site concerned directly by phone or email. Certain parks allow you to reserve online. The D`Arbre en Arbre Canada Inc. head office, located in Bois des Filion, does not take any reservations.

Do we have to leave a down payment?
Yes, a down payment is required; it will not be reimbursed in case of cancellation.

What are the accepted payment methods?
Cash, credit or debit card

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